Founded in 2009, Association for Digital Communications - ACD ( is the main forum for debating and promoting digital communication technologies in Romania.

ACD organizes conferences, seminars and round tables ensuring the presence of high-level representatives of the Romanian and European governments and regulators; and the presence of the executives of major international companies with extensive experience in implementing digital technologies. The aim is to put together the public and private sectors to facilitate the debates and discussions about digital technologies and the legal framework required for their implementation in Romania.

Events organized by ACD in 2011

Romania in High Definition, 10th of May - Attendants debated on aspects concerning the HD package offering in Romania together with the full digitalization possibilities that lay ahead for Romania and its’ potential to exploitthem. The digital switchover process issue was not by-passed, as it is one of the hot issue on the telecom market in Romania. The Expo part gathered companies directly involved in the broadcast (SES ASTRA), production and distribution of HD programs (Discovery Networks, ProTV, TVR) as well as equipment manufacturers (Sony Europe). For full agenda and photos from the event visit

Events organized by ACD in 2010

International Digital Forum 2010, 11th-12th of May – International Digital Forum (11th-12th of May) was focused on the country's transition to digital television, which must be completed by 2012, in line with the European Commission recommendations. Industry players, broadcasters, regulators and lawmakers, investors, consultants, analysts and journalists debated in a two day conference the most critical issues facing the digital switchover process in Romania and its aftermath. Detailed agenda and full list of speakers is available here:

Events organized by ACD in 2009

1. Conference: Television in The Digital Era

The event has been an excellent platform to launch a national debate on the upcoming digital switchover. Invited Guests:

o Gabriel Sandu - Minister of Communications

o Marius Catalin Marinescu - President of ANCOM

o Serban Pretor - CNA Regulatory and Juridical Manager

o Varujan Pambuccian - Member of Parliament - Chamber of Deputies

o Radu F. Alexandru - Member of Parliament - Senate

o Horia Cazan - Technical Manager TVR

o Mihai Sorin - Technical Manager Realitatea TV

o Laurentiu Stan - Technical Director Antena 1

o Claudiu Paraschiv - Director of Technical Ops ProTV

o Romeo Froicu - Technical Director PrimaTV

o Ioana Avadanei - International Centre for Journalism

o Gabriel Grecu - General Manager of SNR Radiocom

o Mihai Ursoi - Sirius Country Manager

o Alexandru Oprea - RDS&RCS General Manager

2. Round Table: Terrestrial, Cable and Satellite Transmissions in The Digital Era

The event has debated the role of each distribution platform within the digital switchover process and the impact of digitalization on Romanian consumer. Invited Guests:

o Catalin Marinescu - ANCOM President

o Radu Teodorel - CNA Vice-President

o Serban Pretor - CNA Regulatory and Juridical Manager

o Marian Ionita - SNR Radiocom Development and Operations Manager

o Varujan Pambuccian - Key member of the Communication Committee from The Chamber of Deputies

o Mihai Ursoi - SES Sirius General Manager

o Radu Petric - Association for Cable Communication President

o Geroge Chirita - Romanian Association for Audiovisual Communications President

o Claudiu Paraschiv - ProTV Technical Manager

o Laurentiu Stan - Antena 1 Technical Manager

o Alin Petran - Realitatea TV Technical Manager

o Nicu Voican - TVR Technical Engineer

o Gheorghe Minea - AKTA Board President

o Dinu Malacopol - AKTA General Manager

o Dumitru Mihali - Prima2m General Manager